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  • Category: Accessories
    Price: $100
    Private or Vendor Listing: Private Listing
    Part fits: S197
    Location (State/Prov): NE
    Item Condition: Used

    I have a set of used 05-09 Tails, completely stock right now. There is a scratch on the lens of the left tail in the top left corner. Not noticeable unless you're looking right at it.

    Asking 100$ Shipped.

    I'm also offering to tint the tails, and will sell them to you tinted for 150.
    This is NOT a VHT tint job, it's legitimate spray tint, black&Clear from a spray booth.
    No vinyl crap that will last a couple years, no half-assed spray on VHT.
    High quality paint, and clear. Will last the life of the car. (:

    Can do as dark as you like.

    160 shipped for tinted (allow a bit for me to get them done)
    or 100 shipped as is.
    PM if interested.

  • Would trade the un-tinted for Sequentials..adjustable panhard bar..or CDC Faux Cap delete Decklid panel.
  • Bumppp
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